Remote Concierge Services

Remote Concierge Services

Modern and sophisticated, our Remote Concierge Service will add a level of prestige to your residential or office building, while saving you on the overall cost of security, maintenance, and staffing. Enjoy such features as:

  • Live Monitoring, our primary technologically advanced service.
  • Remote Visitor Monitoring: Always be in control of who has access to your building.
  • Site virtual tour completed to ensure your building is secure.
  • Incident Response: 24hr Protect will respond quickly when an incident is detected.


Switching from traditional security guard services to Remote Live Video Monitoring from Live Patrol can save you up to 60%.
Secure, cloud based portal to access archives. 24hr protect provides comprehensive event reporting and video archive.
We offer premiere live video monitoring services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Constant video surveillance monitoring allows the team at Live Patrol to intervene instantly when an irregular incident occurs

The Remote Concierge service system can be installed for both new construction, and retrofit buildings.

The 24hrProtect Remote Concierge system eliminates a need for on-site security and concierge services, creating a far more cost-effective strategy to maintain your building. There is no other service that can offer the comprehensive and vast array of resources, features and functionalities we deliver.

  • Allows you to strengthen your productivity
  • Creating a far more cost-effective strategy to maintain your building


Secure, cloud based portal to access archives.

  • Stay in the know with 24HR Protect’s comprehensive event reporting and video archive programs
  • Keep tabs on irregular activity, incidents and patrol findings through detailed reports generated at regular intervals, or upon request
  • Access recent footage from cameras across all your sites through our secure cloud client portal
  • Our technology offers clients the option to browse different camera angles and site feed remotely via desktop, smartphone, or any Android/iOS enabled device
We Are Innovative
We Are Innovative
We Are Innovative

Combined with a secure, cloud based client portal you can be sure you will have the best protection.

We Are Innovative

24hr Protects’s unique approach to Remote Security Monitoring has been perfected over years of providing specialized.

Proudly American
Proudly American
Proudly American

24hr protect provide live video security solutions to businesses and homes all over America.

Proudly American
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