Remote Access Management

Remote Access Management

We’re more than just a Live Video Monitoring company. 24hrProtect strives to provide each of its clients with complete and custom security solutions.
From our remote video monitoring station, we’re able to control access to your properties using our advanced Access Control Management System. With multiple options for this added feature, you’ll have the ability to completely control who has access to your site remotely.

  • Simply apply a card reader for employee access, or an intercom push button with a video component to have visual access control of all your entryways.
  • A signal or visual will then be sent to our 24/7 monitoring facility where our professionals will either grant or deny access


Switching from traditional security guard services to Remote Live Video Monitoring from Live Patrol can save you up to 60%.
Secure, cloud based portal to access archives. 24hr protect provides comprehensive event reporting and video archive.
We offer premiere live video monitoring services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Constant video surveillance monitoring allows the team at Live Patrol to intervene instantly when an irregular incident occurs

At 24HR Protect we deliver advanced, affordable Remote Security Solutions.

Setting the industry standard for emergency response, 24HR Protect does more for less: on average, our comprehensive services cost businesses 50% less than a typical guard service. Fully customizable to conform with your property’s unique needs, safety standards and building requirements, 24HR Protect access Systems may be combined with part-time guard services and our mobile security features to meet individual needs and maximize value added.

  • Customized hybrid solutions available
  • Designed to protect people and property
  • We deliver full coverage at a fraction of the cost of traditional concierges

24hrprotect: Best Surveillance Monitoring

Secure, cloud based portal to access archives.

  • Access recent footage from cameras across all your sites through our secure cloud client portal.
  • Keep tabs on irregular activity, incidents and patrol findings through detailed reports generated at regular intervals, or upon request
  • Our technology offers clients the option to browse different camera angles and site feed remotely via desktop
  • Unprecedented security access control & risk prevention strategies
  • Intelligent building management
We Are Innovative
We Are Innovative
We Are Innovative

Combined with a secure, cloud based client portal you can be sure you will have the best protection.

We Are Innovative

24hr Protects’s unique approach to Remote Security Monitoring has been perfected over years of providing specialized.

Proudly American
Proudly American
Proudly American

24hr protect provide live video security solutions to businesses and homes all over America.

Proudly American
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